Headshot taken by my husband, Jordon, in the Bad Lands - Summer 2018

Headshot taken by my husband, Jordon, in the Bad Lands - Summer 2018

Family Photo Courtesy Rachel Ebel Photography

Family Photo Courtesy Rachel Ebel Photography

Welcome to our corner of the web. Amanda's Imagery was formally started by me in 2007 and is owned and operated by my husband, Jordon, and I. It all started in Sioux Falls, SD as a creative outlet while I was in college. I have always been fascinated by light and shadows in nature and architecture… hence drawn to photography from a very young age. I submitted my first competition piece in 5th grade and starting photoshop work as a high school freshmen.

In college, I had the opportunity to study abroad at Oxford University. I studied History and Art History and was captivated by the architecture and landscape of this beautiful city through my camera lens. Upon returning home, I made the decision to take my photo business more full time. At the University of Sioux Falls, I studied both dark room and digital photography and completed a Bachelors of Art with emphasis in Painting/Photography. After college, I continue to expand my knowledge of lighting, posing and photo processing via continuing education in a variety of forms.

Early on in my business I realized the passion I had specifically for story telling through imagery. With a blending of structure and whimsy, I continue to do my best to tell my clients’ stories and preserve their special moments. It is a passion and honor to continue doing this work that I love as a small local business and honor to capture the magic in my clients’ connections.

My husband, Jordon, started working more closely with the studio in 2015. Jordon is a pharmacist by day, but has a keen eye for detail and capturing candid moments. He works with me on select weddings and events as well as behind the scenes. In 2008, Jordon and I were married. In August of 2010, we had a little girl named Nieva (Knee-Ava).

In 2011, I moved my studio downtown Sioux Falls to the Telford building on Phillips Ave. In 2017, I made the decision to transition to solely on-location work to have more time home. In July of 2017, we had our second child, a little boy named Indy. In 2019, we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary with an adventure filled vow renewal on the South coast of Iceland.

Presently, we are available for weddings, events and on-location portraiture. With a full lighting kit, we are also available to set up in office settings or via a studio location I have available for commercial and other indoors portraiture projects.

With experience shooting well over 100 weddings and 1000s of portrait sessions in the Sioux Falls area (as well as locations as far away as Florida, California, Mexico and Australia), we feel confident in capturing and preserving your stories.

We would love to hear from you via our contact form. You can learn more about our ventures and adventures on Facebook and IG (see below).


Family Portrait Courtesy Hannah Parker

Family Portrait Courtesy Hannah Parker


Business IG: amandasimagery

Personal IG: indie_blossom_


Amanda and Jordon Quick Facts

*Together since Amanda graduated high school. We went to the same high school, but didn’t connect until after graduating.

*We once in high school took a dating quiz that was high school wide and got each other as number 1 match (It was a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser). Neither of us knew who the other was at the time, but I found the results in a box of my memorabilia after we’d been married 6 years.

*Together we have 2 children, a neurotic toy poodle, and 3 cats with old man names

*Jordon was a drummer in several rock bands in high school and speaks Spanish.

* Amanda has sang since she was very young and written songs and poetry since 6th grade.

*Both enjoy coffee, ethnic food, and vegetarian cuisine (Jordon enjoys whatever level of spice Amanda chooses as long as he can up said spiciness 100 fold).

*Jordon loves records, cooking, entertaining and reading… Amanda loves singing, creating art, and talking (Great for entertaining, not great when Jordon wants to be reading)

*Nerd alert… Jordon minored in Chemistry... Amanda has a rock collection and a lot of books on Medieval history. Both graduated from South Dakota colleges (USF & SDSU)

*Both love exploring new places and have wandered 20+ countries between the two (miraculously neither have suffered long term injury from Amanda’s overpacking tendencies)

*Amanda is a certified yoga instructor (Jordon has yet to get through a class without aches and pains)